How to get your Spanish NIE number Online

We have many clients asking if it is necessary to be in Spain to get the NIE certificate. That is why we decide to make this blog to explain how can you get your Spanish NIE number online step by step.

As you might know, foreigners having a relation with Spain for social or economical interest must apply for the N.I.E. But what happens if you want the NIE before arriving in Spain. In this case, you will need an advisor or solicitor who goes to the appointment and makes the whole process on your behalf.

This is an easy and fast way to apply for your NIE certificate in Spain, in almost all the case is cheaper than travel to Spain, make the appointment online and wait for your NIE.

Spanish NIE through a Power of Attorney

The normal way to apply for the NIE certificate is personally in Spain, but now it is allowed to request the Spanish NIE document on behalf of a third party using a Power of Attorney. We, as Spanish Advisors, could help you draw up the Power of Attorney.

What is a Power of Attorney?


The power of attorney (POA) or letter of attorney is a legal document that authorizes to a third party to act in your behalf.

In the NIE application service, the Power of Attorney just gives authorization to your solicitor for the purpose to get the Spanish NIE and register it in the Tax office.

Steps to get your Spanish NIE number Online

Now that you know that it is possible to obtain your NIE, we will explain step by spet how to do it. We recommend you always to make the Power of Attorney with advisors or solicitors and that way you will be sure that you are signing a legal POA. With this document, your advisor can act on your behalf while you are outside Spain.

Contact your advisor in Spain

Explain to them why do you need the NIE and ask if they offer the service to get your Spanish NIE number online. They could give you legal advice online and prepare a personalized POA draft ready to be notarized by your notary and Legalized to be valid in Spain.

In this document, you can add all the services that your solicitor will do on your behalf. The POA normally is used for:

  • Get the NIE certificate
  • Register the NIE in the tax office
  • Get your social security number
  • Buy or sell a house
  • Buy o sell a car
  • Pay taxes

Sign the Power of Auttorney outside Spain

Once they send you the POA draft (in Spanish and English), you must go to your nearest a public notary and sign it there. This document plus a copy of your passport have to be Notarized and Legalized by your Notary,

The notary could charge you a fee to sign the Power of Attorney. This fee could change depending on the notary and the city that you sign it. Once you have the POA with the Passport signed by a notary and legalized, you need to send it back to your solicitor by post.

Spanish NIE number application online

As soon as your solicitor receives your POA, they can make an online appointment to get your Spanish NIE number. It can take from 48h to 2 weeks, that will depend on the services that they offer and the city that they are located.

In Advisors Costa Blanca we can have it in 48h before receiving the POA. As soon as we have in our hands your NIE certificate we will send you back by post. So, you can have it in less than a week.


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