How long does a Spanish NIE number last?

If you live in Spain it is very important to have all your documents up to date, and the NIE is one of these important documents. But, how long does a Spanish NIE number last? The truth is that the Spanish NIE number will never change. This number will be your Spanish Identification Number forever. The confusion comes when we talk about the Certificate (the NIE document A4 file).

How long does a Spanish NIE number last? It last forever

So, now we know that the number will never change, lest talk about the NIE document.

How long does a Spanish NIE number last? This is a Spanish NIE number certificste without date of expired.

Does Spanish NIE certificate expire?

This question is not easy to answer, we could say Yes and No. Before 2016, the NIE number used to come with an expiry date or limited for 3 months. This NIE was called temporary NIE in Spain.

If you want to know How long does a Spanish NIE number last? you have to see if your NIE has an expired date, you can see if at the end of the NIE document. If it has an expired date, you should read valid for 3 months only “caduca en tres meses”. Now are again being provided without an expiry date.

Does the NIE certificate have a three-month validity? After 3 months do I need to apply for a new one?

The truth is that even if your NIE certificate has an expired date, for many legal and public thins it is still valid, you can use it. There are a few cases where you can’t use it, maybe for traffic things or open banks account. In this case the question How long does a Spanish NIE number last? is depending on which procedure are you doing.

Probably if you are reading this, is because you are having problems with your old NIE. If in some place they say that they can accept you NIE because is expired, you will need to apply for a new one.

The thing is there is no point in renewing it because your Number will never change and it doesn’t have a picture to identify you. So if you renew it nothing will change in this document.

Do I need to renew my Nie certificate?

If for some reason you are doing some paperwork, your NIE has an expiry date and an update NIE certificate is required, I’m afraid you should apply for a duplicate. Usually, this doesn’t happen. Almost in all places accept the outdated NIE certificate or even the old one (this used to come with a picture).

But, if you are not one of these small cases where the NIE must be up to date, don’t do it. Otherwise, you will waste your time for nothing.

How do I re-apply for an expired NIE?

Sanish NIE number form ex- 15  to renwe it if it is expired

The application for an expired NIE number is almost the same as applying for a new NIE number, you must complete the same application form (ex – 15) and book an NIE renewal appointment. You can read our blog post where we explain step by step how to get a Spanish NIE number or if you contact us now we can help you to renew it, in some areas you can have it in less than a week.

In the NIE application form to renew it be sure that you write your NIE number, see it in the picture above. If you don’t know your NIE number, please explain this situation to the police officer. Otherwise, they can make a new NIE number for you and you will be registered in the tax office twice. If you have 2 NIE number you could have problems with the tax office.

I’ve lost my NIE document so I don’t know if it’s expired or not

When you lost your NIE certificate, it doesn’t matter if it is expired or not. You will need to apply for a duplicate NIE Spanish number in your nearest police station. Why? Because, as you might now, the NIE is your identity card. It is so important to have it ready for any paperwork.

If you have any other question about how long does your Spanish NIE number last, do not hesitate to contact us or get a free appointment with us to discuss your problem. I hope we have answered your question about How long does a Spanish NIE number last.


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