We want to help you to understand what is the Foreigners’ Identity Number (NIE number), why do you need one, How to get an appointment and explain in details all the NIE certificate application options.

If you want to move to Spain as a resident or you want to buy a house/work/study, you will need to obtain an NIE certificate.

In Advisors Costa Blanca, we will help you to get your NIE number. We can book the appointment for you and go with you to the police foreign office if you have problems with the language.  We can also help you to get your NIE if you are outside Spain.

What is an N.I.E Number?

NIE (número de identificación de extranjeros) which translates as “Identification number for foreigners”. It is an A4 size white page that comes with your personal information. This number starts with the letter X or Y, followed by seven numbers and with a letter in the end (example X – 0000000 – A).

The NIE is the equivalent of a Spanish citizen NIF (Número de identificación fiscal).  The NIE number is the Spanish Identification number. The NIE number is unique for every person and it never changes.

Who needs an NIE number and Why is needed?

All foreigners having an economic, professional or social connection with Spain may apply for an N.I.E.

Many people don’t know the importance of getting the NIE. They should apply for it as soon as they move to Spain. All foreign people in Spain will need it for any activity that requires your identification as:

To get a job

Start a business in Spain

Rent a property

Buy and sell a property

Opening a Spanish Bank account

Become a self-employed


Study in Spain


Internet and Phone contract

Get the Spanish Driving Licence

Buy and sell a vehicle in Spain

NIE Application: Where do I get an NIE number?

The only place to apply for the NIE number is at the Police office either directly or through Spain’s Consular Posts abroad. Find your nearest police station.

There are differents ways to make the NIE application, :

  • If you are in Spain go in person to any Police Station (You must book an NIE appointment).
  • If you are not in Spain you have 2 different options.
  1. Applying for an NIE certificate in person via Spanish Consulate abroad
  2. Apply for it in Spain by appointing a representative throug a Power of Attorney (POA)

How long does a Spanish NIE number last?

The NIE number doesn’t expire and it lasts forever. You can’t cancel or change this number. What brings he confusion is the NIE certificate, the A4 file.

Before 2016 the NIE certificate came with an unfortunate wording, saying that it was valid only for three months “válido tres meses”. But, for many publics and privates applications, these NIE numbers are still valid.

The NIE in 2020 comes without this wording, so now there isn’t confusing and you must save this NIE document because it will be valid forever.

How to get an NIE certificate in Spain Applying in person?

It is not easy to get the NIE number and go to the immigration office if you don’t speak Spanish. That is why here, Advisors Costa Blanca wants to help you.

We can help you making the appointment, preparing the documents or even going with you to translate at the nearest police office. (Alicante, Torrevieja, Orihuela and Murcia)

Make the NIE appointment


Fill out al the required application forms

Organize all the documents needed

Accompany you to the immigration Office

How much does an NIE number cost?



This prices are If you are in Torrevieja, Orihuela Costa, San Miguel, Guardamar, Rojales, Ciudad Quesada and all the nearest areas.

NIE online: How to get an NIE certificate applying outside Spain?

If you are not in Spain and you need an NIE number, we can also help you. For example, if you want the NIE from the UK even after Brexit, we can do it.

We can apply on your behalf. In that way you don’t have to travel to Spain, we can send you the original NIE directly to the home.



Complete the NIE form

We will need this information to full fit the NIE application form.


Send us back the POA

Once we receive the NIE form, you will receive a Power of Attorney PDF and  it must be signed by a public notary.

Send you the NIE number

You will make the NIE certificate on your behalf and we will scan it and send you a PDF copy.


Receive your original NIE

You will receive your original NIE at your home address. We will send it the next day after being issued by the police.



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