Getting the NIE without an appointment

Many websites on the internet have wrong information about getting the NIE without an appointment. We want to explain to you that it is possible (in some specific cases).

We wrote this article because we know that in almost all the big cities as Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Alicante and Murcia or even in small cities as Torrevieja or Orihuela Costa it is so complicated to get an NIE appointment yourself. In some cases, you can spend months to book it.

Can I get the NIE without an appointment?

As I said earlier, the answer is Yes, but just in some specific cases. This also can depend on your nearest police office.

Since the last change in the law in 2016, it is almost impossible to apply for your Spanish NIE number without an appointment. But they realized that for some people there is very urgent, they can’t wait months before obtaining the NIE.

Nie without appointment.

What are those specific cases?

Have a work contract

One of the most common cases is if you have a work contract. This work contract must have a start date and it has to be an upcoming date. Additionally, the contract must explain that they are waiting for your NIE to Start the process.

You must know that it does not apply to all the immigration offices. We know NIE offices that don’t accept it. That is why it is important that someone who speaks Spanish contact your nearest office and explain your situation. If they allow you to make the NIE number without an appointment you will save months of waiting.

Medical Reason

Another reason to make the NIE without an appointment is for a medical reason. If you need your NIE or your Spanish Residency card for any medical reason, the police officer must attend you without an appointment.

In this case, you need to be sure that your case is special. That just apply for urgent patients that need to be treated in Spain, because they can’t be transported to their home country. Also, you need an original document (in Spanish) from the hospital.

Claim sheet

The third way to get your Spanish NIE number is if you can prove that you have been trying to book an appointment on the online reservation system for more than 1 month and you couldn’t.

This way could be the most difficult and the longest one, you can make a screenshot every day showing that you trying to get the appointment online. Once you have proof that you’ve tried, you can put a claim sheet in your nearest NIE immigration office. They will study your claim and will answer you.

How to get an NIE appointment?

If you are not one of the cases above mentioned, you can read our complete guide ” How to get your Spanish NIE number ” if you want to do it yourself. In this guide, we will explain you step by step how to book an appointment and how to complete the NIE form ex-15.

fast and easy way to ger your NIE appointment

Also, we can help you to get the appointment online, contact us if you need help. We have years of experience, we are a team and we have strategies to book appointments. As soon as they open appointments in the online system we can book one for you. or in case you have troubles with the language, we can accompany you to the NIE appointment in the areas nearest to our office (Alicante, Torrevieja, Orihuela Costa, Elche or Murcia).

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