Tourist Licence in Spain

We want to help you to understand what is the tourist rental licence, why do you need one, how to get the Tourist Licence in Spain, and explain the tax on rental income involved.

Tourist Licence Plaque Valencia Comunity

If y you want to rent out short term your property in the Valencia Comunity, Murcia o almost all Spains, you will need to get a rental tourist licence. 

In Advisors Costa Blanca, we will help you to get your Tourist licence in Spain and explain to you the tax payable on rental income in Spain.

What is a Tourist Licence in Spain?

The definition of Tourist Rental Licence can vary from region to region.

In the Valencia and Murcia community, the tourist licence is an Authorization from the central tourist office that allows you to rent short terms your holiday property.

There are different types of tourist licence, please contact us to see in detail how the new law applies to your specific property.


Do I need a Licence to Rent out My Property?

The last modification of the holiday rental licence law in 2018 in the Valencia Community, makes compulsory for all types of tourist accommodation have a Spanish tourist licence. If you want to rent short terms your holiday property, you must register it in the register of tourist accommodation.

Once you get the Licence number and you start renting out your property, you must pay tax on rental income in Spain. There are different rates and ways to pay it, depending on if you are a Spanish Resident or non-resident.

Rental income tax Spain

If you are non-resident in Spain and you start renting out your property, you must pay a rental tax every quarter.

You only have to submit the rental tax form in the quarter that you have rented your property. This tax will be deducted, the following year in your non-resident tax declaration.

If you have any problem or confusion you can contact us, and we can help you.

How long does a Tourist Licence in Spain last?

The tourist licence number is valid forever. The owner of the licence is the house, so if you buy a Spanish property with a licence you can change the name on the licence.

This step is easier and faster than applying for a new licence.

How do I get a tourist license in Spain?

It is not easy to get a tourist licence number if you have never done one before. We know that the Spanish bureaucracy can be a nightmare.

If you don’t know the language, don’t have time, don’t feel confident enough about applying fo the licence on your own, We can help you to obtain it on your behalf. Start the process now and avoid fines and rent your property 100% legal.


How long does it take to receive a tourist license and what is the price?

The length of time and cost of the licence will de­pend on which area of Spain you are applying in and also which doc­u­ments you have ready.

Every town hall has different requirements, prices and time. You can con­tact us dir­ectly to dis­cuss this mat­ter fur­ther.

Process and requirements for a holiday licence.

If you have a property and you want to rent out short term we can help you to get it without problems.  In some areas the process can take a long time, in other town halls, you can have it in 2 months. We will advise you all the documents needed, the time to get the tourist licence and the cost.

To obtain the licence we will follow the next steps:



Advise what documents are needed and check out them for you.


Once we receive the authorization, we will apply in the tourist office for the Licence Number. 



We will send you a template with all the information about your house that is required.


After you get the registration number you must install a plaque close to the front door of your property. It shows your licence number on it.



This step is the most important, this document is an authorization from the town hall. It gives you permission to rent out short terms.


When you start renting out you must report the guests’ personal data to the Police. They need to be applied at the corresponding Police Station.



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NIE number and Social Security number


Spanish SIP card / Spanish Healthcare

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