spanish residency card

We want to help you understand what does become permanent residence means, who need to become resident, how to get an appointment and obtain your Spanish Residency card.

spanish residency card

Spain is a wonderful and sunny country to live, but if you want to move here you need to know the process to get your residency card and the different ways to apply for it.

In Advisors Costa Blanca, we want to help you to become a legal resident. We can make the process fast and easy, book the appointment for you and go with you to the police foreign office.

As a result, you will not have problems with the language. 

What is permanent residency?

Who needs to obtain the Residency permit?

When our team receives this question: Europeans are obliged to register and get the residency permit in Spain?

Our answer is always the same, all citizens members of the European Union spending more than 90 days in Spain, must register as a resident.

What does a green residency card look like? The Residency, in Spanish “Certificado de Registro de Ciudadano de la Unión” is a green card without a picture that comes with your personal information. on this card, you can see your NIE number.

This card allows you to stay here legally for more than 3 months, but that doesn’t indicate that you will become a fiscal resident.

Permanent residence permit

There is a big confusion about the permanent residency, please stop reading conflicting and misleading information on the internet.

The permanent residence card doesn’t need to be renewed. You can apply for it after 5 years of living legally (using a temporary residency) and uninterrupted in Spain.

In some cases, it is possible to apply for it in less time. Please contact us to study your case.


Benefits and advantages of been Resident

When you apply for the residence you must join in the Padron office in your town hall, so by registering you are making yourself visible to them, which is favourable for you and the city.

The regions in Spain received government funds depending on the number of residents. So this city will receive more government funds. This means that they have more money and can be used to build schools, sports enter or roads.

But, there are more advantages:

Register a business 

Obtain the Pension

Opening a Resident Bank account

Registry at the  Social Security to have free healthcare


Record on the Padron

 Spanish Driving Licence

Where do I apply for my residency card?

The only way to apply for Residency is in person. It is impossible to apply for the residence permit using Power of attorney. You must be present on the day of the appointment.

And it only can be submitted in a police station and most of the time you must book a previous appointment. Find your nearest police station.


When do I become a Spanish tax resident?

Any person becomes resident, once they apply for the residency card, but that doesn’t mean that you become a tax resident.

3 different circumstances to be considered tax resident:

  • Have stayed longer than 183 days.
  • Your main economic activities take place in Spain.
  • People with dependents who are Spanish resident.

Otherwise, if you are not in one of these cases, you are considered non-resident for the tax propose.

How to get Spanish residency card?

It is not easy to get the residence and go to the immigration office if you don’t speak Spanish. Most of the times they make several questions about your actual situation. That is why we are here, Advisors Costa Blanca wants to help you.

To assist you we can follow the following steps:

Make the Online residency appointment


Fill out al the required application forms

Organize all the documents needed

Accompany you to the immigration Office

How much does it cost for residency?


We can help you to get your RESIDENCY number.

The cost of obtaining your Residency card is €160 (1 person).

These prices are for Residences made in Torrevieja, Orihuela Costa, San Miguel, Guardamar, Rojales, Ciudad Quesada, and all the nearest areas.

Non-Europeans (including the British) need to go to Alicante or Elche. Our service price is €220 (1 person).


Apply for the Spanish residency card

First of all, you need to know that, if you are from a non-European Union country you must entry legally in Spain and you probably must have a Visa before entering Spain and obtaining the Residency card.

Furthermore, every police station is different, therefore it is impossible to write all the requirements for every single place.

Please contact us to see the requirements in your city.

Citizenship of the European Union or family member of EU citizen, there are 4 common ways to apply for residency, in any of the cases, you will need a Padron (update, less than 3 months old) and show proof of income.


Pensioners or EU workers

♦ Spanish bank account with your regular income

Healthcare: S1 or E121 form

Employees (in Spain)

♦ 3 las payroll

♦ Working record

Self-Employed (Autónomo)

♦ Working records

♦ Registration of Self-employment 

♦ Payment of the Self-employment (autónomo)


Neither of the above

♦ Private medical insurance

♦ Proof that you have 7,000€ per person in a Spanish bank account



Spanish Residency

NIE number and Social Security number


Spanish SIP card / Spanish Healthcare

Spanish Tourist Licence and Rental Tax

Spanish Driving Licences


Spanish will services