How to register the S1 form?

If you move to Spain having in order your medical card is one of the most important things you must do. If you are in Spain and you want to access the Spanish Healthcare System for free, you will need to know how to register the S1 form.

There are different way to get the Spanish SIP Card, but the most common way for British in Alicante is registering the S1 form or the E-121 (Irish and Scandinavians).

If you don’t have an S1 form, you can read how to apply online on the website. They will explain to you what Is the S1 Form and how to apply and use It.

Register the S1 form to get the Spanish SIP card

When you move to the Valencia Community in Spain, you realize that you need to get the Spanish SIP card to have free health cover.

If you are a British citizen and you have an S1 form ( the S1 replaced the E121 so it is the same thing), you can register it and obtain “Documento Acreditativo de la Seguridad Social” this is your S1 Spanish equivalent.

register the S1 form

Where do I have to register the S1 form or E121?

You must register your S1 at your local INSS office. To register it you must first to book an appointment on the official website of Social security.

We will explain to you the steps that you must follow to get your Spanish SIP card in Alicante Province.

1. Book an appointment in the Social Security Alicante

In the Vega Baja, the social security office is in Torrevieja, so if you live one of the next towns, you will need to go to the “Seguridad Social” in Torrevieja:

  • Torrevieja
  • Orihuela Costa
  • Almoradí
  • Pilar de la horadada
  • Rojales
  • Ciudad Quesada
  • Guardamar
  • San Miguel de Salinas
  • Los Montesinos

If you are having problems to book an appointment on the website, or you need an urgent appointment to get your Spanish SIP card, please do not hesitate to contact us, we can book an appointment and make your SIP card in less than a week.

2. Paperwork needed to get the Medical Card

Once you book the appoitnem, you must be sure that you have all the parperwor in order. The documents that you will need the day of the appointment are:

  • Valid Passport (Copy + Original)
  • Residency Card (Copy + Original)
  • Updated Padron “No more than 3 months old” (Copy + Original)
  • S1 form (the 2 originals)

3. Spanish S1 form “Documento Acreditativo de la Seguridad Social”

If all the documentation is in order and correct, the social security office in Spain will give you the “Documento Acreditativo de la Seguridad social”, the equivalent yo your S1 or E121.

With this document, you must go to your nearest Medical centre and they will give you your Permanent SIP card. This card can’t have a date of expired.

If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us and get a free appointment or live your question in our comment section below.