How often can you visit family or holiday in the UK from Spain once you’ve received your NLV or TIE?

Inthis article we will understand Travel Restrictions for Spanish Residents with NLV or TIE

Ina significant decision, the Administrative Litigation Chamber of the Supreme Court has declared null and void an article of the Foreigners Law Regulation, which stipulates that temporary residence authorization in Spain can be terminated if a foreign citizen stays outside the country for more than six months in a year

Can I lose my temporary residency if I’m out more than months in 12 months period?

This ruling implies that, with this new precedent, any individual with a Spanish temporary residence permit can spend more than six months abroad in a year without worrying about the validity of their permit.

Empowering Immigrants

The Supreme Court’s ruling is not only a step forward in protecting fundamental rights but also directly impacts those who have embarked on the journey of migration. The court has reiterated that temporary departure from Spanish territory for a period of six months cannot result in the termination of temporary residence authorization.

This decision is empowering for immigrants, providing them with more freedom and flexibility in their travel plans without jeopardizing their residency status in Spain.

Permanent Residency

The current regulation remains in force, which does not allow a foreigner to stay outside the country for more than 10 months in a period of 5 years prior to applying for permanent residency.

It’s essential for individuals holding temporary residence permits in Spain to be aware of these changes and the implications for their travel arrangements. With the clarity provided by the Supreme Court’s ruling, residents can now plan their trips with confidence, knowing that their residency status will not be affected by temporary absences from the country.

Moving forward, it will be crucial to stay updated on any further developments in residency regulations and to seek legal advice if needed to ensure compliance with the law.

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