Embrace the Future of Work: Spanish Digital Nomad Visa – Your Gateway to a Work-Life Paradise

The “Digital Nomad Visa” in Spain represents a progressive initiative to attract remote workers from around the world, offering them the opportunity to live and work in the country while maintaining their jobs abroad. This type of visa is part of a global trend where countries recognize the growing importance of the remote workforce and seek to capitalize on this phenomenon by offering favorable conditions for digital nomads.

What is the Digital Nomad Visa in Spain?

The Digital Nomad Visa in Spain is a type of visa that allows workers from other countries OUTSIDE EUROPE to reside in Spain while working remotely for companies outside of Spain or EUROPE. This visa is designed for individuals who, thanks to the digitalization of the economy, can perform their work from anywhere, as long as they have access to the internet. The Nomad that comes to Spain is the one who wants to enjoy and live in the good weather and the old continent.

Benefits of the Digital Nomad Visa in Spain

  1. Residence in Spain: Visa holders can live in Spain and enjoy its climate, culture, and lifestyle. They can also travel around all of Europe because they will have the Schengen VISA.
  2. Remote Work: Allows legal working for companies outside of Spain. And they can have 20% of their income from Spanish companies.
  3. Access to Services: Digital nomads have access to health and education services in Spain.
  4. Potentially Reduced Taxes: Some regulations may offer favorable tax conditions for these workers.

Requirements for Obtaining the Visa

  1. Copy of the complete passport or valid travel document. (all pages) Entrance in Spain and Legal situation (no more than 3 months entrance).
  2. Proof of having paid the fee (mod. 790 038) and proof of payment if this is not reflected on the model 790 itself. (About €74).
  3. Application form signed by the teleworker.
  4. Evidence of employment/professional relationship of at least three months from the date of the application with the foreign company/companies with which the relationship is maintained Evidence of real and continuous activity for at least one year of the foreign company or group of companies with which that the worker maintains a labor or professional relationship.
  5. Letter from the foreign company, authorizing the development of remote work from Spain, accrediting the profile of the position, terms, and other conditions in which the professional activity will be carried out remotely.
  6. Copy of the degree related to the performance of the position or, where appropriate, minimum substitute experience of that in functions similar to the position to be held.
  7. Certificate of Social Security coverage (Mandatory if there is an agreement with the country of origin) If there is no coverage agreement with the country where the company is located, the registration of the company in Social Security and the commitment to register the worker. (consult with Social Security).
  8. Health Insurance: Health insurance covering the stay in Spain is required. The insurance can’t be a travel insurance. Must cover you as a resident in Spain, with no copayment and no exclusion. You need to pay one year upfront.
  9. Clean Criminal Record: Current criminal record certificate from the country or countries where you have resided during the last two years. Additionally, a responsible declaration of the absence of criminal records of the last 2 years will be presented (The above will not apply when you are the holder of a residence authorization, or stay in Spain for more than 6 months).
  10. Curriculum VITAE
  11. Income per year one Person 30.240 €  (200% del SMI) Family member 41.580 €   (275% del SMI)

Family: Can I bring my family with me? You can apply for your and your family’s Digital Nomad VISA, you will only need to add your family passports and the marriage certificate or the birth certificate.

Application Process

The application process for the Digital Nomad Visa in Spain can vary but generally includes submitting relevant documents to the foreign office or consulate, conducting interviews, and paying the corresponding fees.

Impact on the Spanish Economy and Society

The introduction of the Digital Nomad Visa in Spain can have a positive impact on the local economy, as these workers bring income and diversification to the labor market. Additionally, it fosters cultural exchange and can be a step towards greater globalization of the workforce.


The Digital Nomad Visa in Spain is an exciting opportunity for both Spain and remote workers worldwide. It offers the flexibility to work remotely while enjoying life in a culturally rich country with a high standard of living. However, it is important for interested parties to thoroughly research and comply with all the requirements and regulations for a successful stay in Spain.

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