We made this article about “Why do I need an NIE number” because we have realized that many foreigners in Spain were living here without having an NIE certificate. They just apply for it, when they need it urgent, and most of the cases, they couldn’t get the NIE appointment as soon as they wanted.

For this reason, we have created this post, to explain the importance of having an NIE number as soon as you move to Spain and explain to you why do you need it for.

Who needs an NIE number?

All foreigners having a relation with Spain for, studies, economic, social ort professional reason must obtain the NIE number. The consulate general of Spain explains the law who indicate who and why do you need an NIE number.

Why is needed for?

Sing a work contract or become self-employed

To get a Job or become self-employed

When you start a job in Spain, you have to be registered in the tax office. As the NIE is your tax identification number, it is the only way to register in the tax office in Spain (Hacienda). Also, with your NIE certificate, you can get your Spanish Sip card, once you start working in Spain.

Rent a property (Long Term Rental)

Many owners required an NIE to sign a rental contract (long terms). Why they don’t use your passport? The reason is simple. The Passport number changes every 10 years or every time that you renew it. Your NIE number last forever, this number Will never change.

Buy or Sell a property or a Car in Spain

When you make an economic transaction in Spain you have to pay taxes, so if you buy or sell a house you must pay taxes to the Spanish tax authorities. And, as I explained before the only way to be registered there is with an NIE.

Opening a Spanis Bank account

They have many legal reasons to require the NIE for opening an account. Some banks allow you to open a bank account without the NIE , but you have three months to apply for it and show it to them.

The bank accounts in Spain are differentiated between account for Spanish residents or non-residents. The bank account for non-resident has an extra control t see where do you incomes come from.


In the same way, as you pay taxes when you buy or sell a property, you must pay inheritance taxes. So, you Will need to be registered in the tax office. You can start the inheritance process with a provisional NIE number, but you Will need it to end the process. There is no way to complete the probate process without having your NIE.

Internet and Utilities

As we mentioned you NIE number never changes but your passport number does. If you have a debt with one of these companies and you have the contract with the Passport, it is so hard to claim the debt. But, with your NIE Will be easier.

I hope this article has helped you to understand the importance of the NIE and why do you need an NIE Number. If you need any help with the process, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you. We can get the NIE in less than a week.


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