We want to help you to understand the importance of having a Spanish Will, why do you need one, how to make a Will in Spain, what are the inheritance laws in Spain and what happens to your property in Spain if you die?

If you want to avoid legal troubles in the future, save money and make things easy for people you love,  draw up a will in Spain is necessary.

All foreigner adults in Spain should make a Spanish will, irrespective of the assets they have. In Spain you can’t do a joint will, every spouse needs to make a separate will “Último Testamento”. We always recommend clients to make a will in your home country and other in Spain, in this way the inheritance process is faster and easy.

Cost of Making a Will in spain? 

All wills in Spain must be signed in front of a Public Notary in Spain to make it legal.

The cost of making a will in Spain could be so cheap if you compare with all the taxes and problems your inheritors could have in the future if you don’t have a will in Spain.

50€ is our service price to draw the Will, translate it and make an appointment in the public notary is. The notary fee could change from 50-60€ depending on your notary.

The Spanish Will  is a legal document where you write your last wishes. In this document, you will decide to whom and by which amount goes your assets once you are gone.

If you die without writing a will your assets will be distributed according your nationality law and the inheritance tax will be higher.

Who needs a Spanish Will?

All foreigners having any asset as:

  • Property
  • Bank account
  • Car
  • Bussines

Should make a Spanish Will to avoid futures legal problems.

Many people don’t know the importance of having a will in Spain, we want to explain why you should create your own will.The main benefits of signing the will are:

Main benefits of drawing up a Spanish will  for expats

Reduce the inheritance tax

The inheritance tax will not be different if you are or not a Spanish resident. There are different inheritance tax percentage and it depends on the region that you are based in.


If you don’t have a Spanish will,  your assets in Spain will be distributed according to the Spanish law. As we are talking about your assets, you are the person who has to decide.

No need to modify your houme country will

We can draw a will in Spain just for your Spanish assets. It doesn’t affect your assets outside Spain and you don’t need to modify your home country will.


Your Home country will not be cancelled

The Spanish will is complementary to your home country will.  We will mention that you may have a will outside Spain this one will be no revoke.

Save money

If you don’t have a Spanish will, you will need more documentation, a lawyer in Spain and in your home country, translate documents and the grant probate, the last document takes more than 6 months to receive, so you will need to pay penalty to the Spanish government after the 6 months of the decease. 

How to make a Spanish will?

If you would like to make your will, we can help you. We can prepare the draw, make sure that you understand what you a signing (The valid will is the Spanish Version).

We will help you in the whole process, the only thing we need from you is a Valid Passport and beneficiaries. We will follow the steps explained below:


Complete the Spanish Will from Online

We will send you the will form and we need you personal and heirs details.


Send you the Spanish Will Draft

We will send you a draft in English and Spanis, and explain what does it means. You have to read and check it.

Sign the Spanish Will

Once you approve it and us, it can be signed before a public notary in Spain. We will go with you, make the translation and pay the Notary fees,



Spanish Residency

NIE number and Social Security number


Spanish SIP card / Spanish Healthcare

Spanish Tourist Licence and Rental Tax

Spanish Driving Licences


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