Many people are interested in registering their property in Valencian Community, therefore we will provide you with the necessary information clearly explained, so that, you know how to get a Tourist Licence in Valencia Community in 4 steps. Such interest is due to the importance of Valencia as one of the best choices to live in the world. People always admire the quality of life of the city and all the amazing surrounding areas.

Please note that we have a lot of experience in this matter and we can provide you with the assistance you need to obtain your tourist licence easily and effectively. As there are different aspects to take into account when requesting a licence, for instance, if the property is urban or rural due to the different regulations that you might need to be aware of. We have convenient fees for you.

Our services can also include the calculation of tax on rental income in Spain. We will be happy to help you to get a tourist licence in Valencia.

Send us your documents and requests on our contact link.

It is also important to mention that we can advise on additional concerns that may arise while you are trying to get the license, for example, if you are planning to purchase a property for tourist renting purposes, then you need to check first if such property already has the tourist licence.

Documents required to get a tourist licence in Valencia Community

Please check carefully the documents required to obtain a tourist licence in Valencia Community:

  • Current PASSPORT
  • NIE (Número de Identificación Fiscal)
  • Council tax bill (SUMA in Alicante Region)
  • TOWN HALL REPORT OF TOURIST USE or CERTIFICATE OF COMPATIBILITY (only require in the Valencia community)
  • DETAILS OF NUMBER OF BEDROOMS AND BEDS (Maximum occupation) This information will appear in your Licence document. You can add more rooms when you want to.
  • SIGNED APPLICATION FORM (an original signature is required, we will provide you with all the documents required)
  • House DEEDS (Escritura de propiedad)

In case you do not have the ‘Habitacion certificate’, which is now called ‘Declaracion responsible de Segunda Ocupacion’, you may contact us to so we can help with this process. Because they are necessary to get a tourist licence in Valencia.

How to get a Tourist Licence in Valencia Community in 4 simply steps Community, you have to follow the 4 steps.

How to get a Tourist Licence in Valencia plaque

How to get a Tourist Licence in Valencia plate

1) Compatibility Report for Tourist Use (Valencia Community)

It is necessary to be aware of the last requirements from laws, as the one from the 9th of July related to The Townhall report of Tourist use (only in the Valencia Community), which involves filing the application form until the certificate is received. Our service for this related process has a convenient cost for you.

You can send the documents attached by e-mails, nevertheless, the application form needs your original signature on it, so that, you must send it by registered post to our address.

As soon as we receive the licence from your town hall, we will send it to your e-mail.

How long does it take?

Normally in the biggest and touristic cities, the process takes longer, but in the smalls cities, it is faster. Now with the COVID situation, the timetables are changing. Ones are taking longer and others are doing it faster.

The average time to get compatibility report can depend on the town hall and some factors may the process faster, such as whether you have or not a Certificate of Habitation. It is also important to take into account that when deciding on renting your property: you can advertise your property for rent as far as the application has been made.

2) Register your compatibility report and get the Tourist Licence  number in Valencia

The second step is to get the Tourist Licence in the Valencia Community. This must be done in the Main Tourist office in Alicante, Valencia or Castellon. So, The average time to get the tourist licence is the same in all the Province.

This is the easiest process as you only need to present the “Declaración responsible”.

But, if you have already has a Licence number, and you want to change the owner name or you want a copy of you actual licence, the process is quite different. If you are in this situation, please contact us to get a tourist licence number un Valencia.

As soon as you get your licence number, it has to be stated in all property advertisements. Avoiding this may result in a fine for the owner. It is very important, therefore, that you can be very well informed about the processes to follow and we are here to assist you. Getting all the documents and presenting time as required. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need assistance on this matter.

3) Signs: Tourist Licence plate for Valencia Community

You need to observe certain rules in the process of renting your property for tourists. Part of such rules, include installing a sign close at the front door of your property, which shows your registration number on it and it also shows the category or the property.

You can conveniently get this service from us at a convenient cost for a sign. The signs also intend to offer guests information about the conditions of use and the services that are included in the rental.

The plaques are regulated by Decree 2/2017, of January 24, which establishes its specific characteristics.

4) Tourist Guests registration

Another important aspect you need to take into account is that you must report the tenant’s personal data to the Police as soon as you start renting your apartment, which is based on Decree 393/1974 of February 7. To report such data, you are required to visit the nearest Police station to ask for a user and password to access online and provide the information with the information requested. We can do all this process on your behalf.

Records of the registration must be kept by the owner or authorized rental management company in files/folders/books of between 100-500 entries. These must be kept for a minimum of 3 years dated from the last entry in the file/folder/book. It must be accessible at all times to las Fuerza y Cuerpos de Seguridad.

This is another process we have experience on so we can help you with this process, so that, you can get your credential to access the system online.

This is an important step, as the police in Spain must have registered where all the tourists are staying.

Rental Tax in Spain – (Valencia Community)

When renting a property and for Non-residents in Spain, it is mandatory to pay a rental tax every quarter, as follows: in January – in April, in July and in October. Even if you rent your property for short terms you need to submit the form and pay taxes in the corresponding quarter.

If you are a Spanish Resident, you don’t need to declare it quarterly, you have to declare it once a year in your Anual Tax Declaration.

To calculate the tax, the following information is required:

  • NIE of any of the owners
  • The rental contract (in the case it is long term rental) (copy)
  • Rental dates
  • Money received
  • Property expenses:
  • Council tax (copy of the bill)
  • Community fee
  • House insurance

We have convenient fees either for a person or for couples. Please contact us for our prices for One quarter and Full-year.

If you pay the whole year, the non-resident tax fee for the following year is included.

In case you pay rental tax for one year, we will deduct the days you have rented out and calculate the non-residential tax for the rest of the days, so that, this can be included when presenting the declaration for the following year.