After long hours of searching and reflection, you already have a more or less clear idea of how you want your house to be and in which city, now you need one last aspect, how to select a property from among all those available.

Perhaps this is the most exciting step because you are closer to fulfilling your big goal of moving, however, you still need to think with a cool head to make sure you make the right decision.

In the next lines, we guide you in the selection of a property taking into account the neighborhood, the environment and the tools you have to find the perfect home.

Find the ideal neighborhood

Think that, although you will spend many hours locked in the walls of your home, the environment that surrounds it will affect your quality of life in one way or another. You will fully agree with this statement if you ever had annoying neighbors.

Generally speaking, a good neighborhood has a young and adult population, is close to good schools and shops, has a low unemployment rate, and a high per capita income.

You could talk to some residents of the neighborhoods you have in mind for a purchase, but do not believe everything they tell you because they will be subjective responses. It is better that you visit each area yourself and if possible, rent a property for a few days.

Living for a few days in the area where you want to move will serve as a preamble to know what awaits you in the coming months, you will discover what it is like to move, the prices of basic services, what the people are like and if there is too much noise or is it a quiet place.

Avoid making this visit on holidays because most of the stores are closed and if it is a site of tourist interest, try to compare what it is like in high and low season.

Tools to find the perfect property

Tools to find the perfect property

It will take you a long time to visit each neighborhood in search of a property for sale that meets your wishes and needs, it would be an almost impossible task if you do not have the right tools.

The web pages, real estate exhibitions, search engines and real estate agents are the best sources of information that you have at your disposal, they will tell you precise details such as prices, address, dimensions and will show you real photographs of the property. Below we will see how each of them works:

  • Real estate agents

A real estate agent is basically a person who acts as a mediator in the purchase, sale and rental of real estate. It helps both buyers and sellers or tenants in exchange for monetary remuneration.

In Spain there is no regulation that regulates the action of real estate agents; therefore, you should look for a professional agency with a proven track record and verifiable references.

A lawyer can tell you if an agent is trustworthy or not based on the legal procedures and documents they present and will help you carry out all the necessary formalities.

In the case of foreigners, it is advisable to work together with an international agency valid in both countries and with people who speak the same language to avoid misunderstandings in the translation.

  • Real estate exhibitions

In some cities, real estate exhibitions are held, which are fairs in which properties for sale, future projects and the services that the company offers are presented. This is a great way to meet agencies and agents and to compare different options in search of the best.

These exhibitions are held in shopping centers, plazas, and hotels. You can find out about the dates through the press, radio and social networks.

  • Real estate sales websites

In these portals you can get detailed maps of the location of a property, photographs, prices and real estate agencies near you. In addition, they act as a catalog in which all the properties available for rent or sale are displayed.

Property finders

Property finders

This type of agency is not regulated by law in Spain either, so you should be careful when working with one of them and always seek the advice of a professional lawyer.

Some of these people work on retainers, while others work on both retainers and commissions for a supplier. In both cases, you should ask someone with experience and knowledge to help you ask relevant questions and not find pitfalls.

When an appointment with a property seeker is scheduled, the area can be explored to evaluate the property and the neighborhood, talk with the neighbors, see the construction of the work if it is in process and know what a common day would be in that area.

In addition, the search agent you hire will answer questions related to remodeling restrictions and permits, documents and licenses, the condition of the property, and the cost of basic services.

If you really want to do a deep search you could schedule two appointments with different agents on different days, so you will discover things that you did not see the first time. If it takes place at different times, much better, for example, in the morning and in the afternoon.

How do you know if you have found the right property?

With so many options it is difficult to know if you have already arrived at the indicated house, so it is recommended that you choose only three main candidates and discard the rest. Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of each of them and visit them as many times as you can.

You will know that you got the right property when you feel comfortable with its appearance and space, you do not have to do renovations or very few, you project yourself living there for a long time and you no longer feel interested in continuing with the search.

When you experience these sensations, you will have reached the correct property and it will be time to begin the procedures for the purchase and transfer of property.