Applying for residency in Spain can be a confusing process, especially for those who do not find useful information in languages other than Spanish. You may be concerned about the NIE, as it is a troublesome requirement for many immigration procedures, but we do not believe it has to be a concern in this case. We have many clients asking “Do I Need NIE Number to apply for Spanish Residency?” or could I apply for NIE and Residencia at the same time.

Let’s then explore your alternatives.

Do I Need NIE Number To Get A Spanish Residency Alicante?
Do I Need NIE Number To Get A Spanish Residency?

What is an NIE and what does it mean to have an NIE number?

This is an identification (or tax identification) number for foreigners. It is specific to each foreigner in Spain who requests it properly and through a certain bureaucratic process. Dirección General de la Policía en España, local Embassies and Consulates are responsible to issue it.

This is the form of identification used by foreigners to carry out their large or small financial operations in Spanish territory. For you, having an NIE means that you can also integrate into the educational or employment system in the country. The NIE number is one of the personal data reflected in the Spanish residency card.

Is it a mandatory document when applying for Spanish residency?

The Spanish residency provides you the status of legal resident. The application process can take weeks, even months in the worst case (with the exception of foreigners from EU countries).

The NIE is the main concern for applicants, as it involves another lengthy process and is normally thought to be mandatory prior when applying for residency in Spain.

The truth is that NIE identification is not completely indispensable for this specific process. On the contrary, a valid passport and, in some cases, a medical certificate, certainly are. If you have problems with obtaining your NIE (We can help you), but do not worry, you still have safe options for establishing yourself as a legal resident in Spain.

How to obtain the Spanish residency card without NIE identification

One of the application requirements for this document is to have a bank account, having operated for at least 3 months, with enough savings for you and your family. If you prove to be family related to any holder of a bank account with these characteristics, you can apply for a Spanish residency card together with your new NIE number

In other cases:

  • Proving your offer of an employment contract.
  • You can also work independently if you have documents proving that you are competent enough to do it;
  • For students, the most important thing is to demonstrate that they are financially able to do so;
  • The same procedure in the case of those who stay in Spain without employment;
  • Another common option is to get the Spanish residence permit through marriage.

In conclusion, obtaining a Spain residence by investment is the easiest method. Being a holder of a bank account with savings or being dependent on a holder speeds up the application process. You will then comply with an indispensable requirement for the residency and at the same time, you will obtain your NIE.